L.G. Wright Moulds

by Dee Sacherich

 L G Wright SignOn May 27, 1999, Pat Lewis (then President of the National Milk Glass Collectors Society), and our husbands attended the L.G. Wright Glass Company going out of business auction in New Martinsville, West Virginia. The purpose for our attendance was to acquire as many moulds as possible for the National Milk Glass Collectors Society (NMGCS).

It was a wonderful experience for the four of us and one that we will remember for many years to come. To be a part of the history of the NMGCS is very rewarding.

The NMGCS had leased moulds from L. G. Wright for years to produce the commemoratives that we have all come to love. When it was discovered that LG. Wright was going out of business, the Board of Directors decided to do whatever was necessary to secure as many moulds as the NMGCS could afford.

John Weishar, Island Mould and Machine Co.John Weishar, of the Island Mould and Machine Company and Weishar Enterprises, in Wheeling West Virginia, was called upon for assistance. John’s company has made repairs to moulds in the past for the NMGCS and they also made plungers with the Society’s logo and convention information. John inspected the moulds we were interested in and gave us his evaluation of their conditions and what, if any, repairs would be necessary.

With this information in hand, the four of us set out for the auction. Pat and Ray arrived early and got to visit the factory. Through the help of W. C. "Red" Roetteis, a salesman for L.G. Wright for three and a half decades and co-author of "The L. G. Wright Glass Company" book, they were able to locate all the moulds we were interested in.

Glass MouldPat also got to know the auctioneer, Bob Goodman, of Capitol City Auctions from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Just about everyone knew we were there and what our purpose was. With the help of John Weishar, Red Roetteis and all the others that helped at the auction, the Society managed to obtain some moulds.

It was a thrilling experience for us and we obtained eleven moulds for the NMGCS. The following is a list of the moulds we acquired:

  • 5" Owl cover
  • 5" Cat cover
  • 5" Bird cover
  • 6" Rabbit cover and base (small Atterbury type)
  • 7" Flat Frog base and cover
  • 5" Dog cover
  • 9" Rabbit base and cover (large Atterbury type)
  • Large Knobby Back Turtle base and cover (with extra shell and formers)
  • 5" Frog cover
  • 5" Hen cover
  • 5" Turtle cover

The various companies represented at the auction were Island Mould and Machine Company, Fenton Glass, Mosser Glass, L. E. Smith Glass, Wilkerson Glass, Gibson Glass, AA Importing and Castle Reproductions. The Fostoria Glass Club was also represented and they were successful in obtaining four moulds.

For a more detailed account, see the Sept. 1999 issue of Opaque News

Additional information and pictures of the L.G Wright factory, moulds purchased, and how the Society is using them can be found on the NMGCS website.