About Us

Welcome to DnL Antiques. My name is Dee Sacherich and I have been collecting milk glass for over 20 some years. As with most collectors, you reach a point where your collection is larger than your space. I did not want to store my collection so I decided to sell off some of the pieces that I could live without and my duplicates. That worked great and new space became available to soon be overrun again. So, you guessed it, I sold some more. Again that worked fine but I liked selling. It was so much fun meeting new people, sharing my hobby and seeing someone else enjoying a piece from my collection. That led to finding things to sell in addition to my extras. It got to the point when my husband and I went antiquing I spent more time looking for things to resale than for my own collection!

Then the ultimate happened, I bought things that were not milk glass to sell. Pretty soon the milk glass portion of what I sell was limited. But we have so much fun with this and find such interesting items that I can’t stop!

Addictions are bad, you have to have your fix – be it chocolate, or ice cream or antiques. You have to always be looking for something new and different.

My husband, Larry, which is where the DnL (Dee and Larry) comes in play, does the photographing of our pictures, packs up the items when we attend auctions or buy out estates (major job) and has designed our Web Store.

Along the way we joined the National Milk Glass Collectors Society. I am a charter member of that organization. After a few years I was asked to be the Treasurer. I served in that capacity from 1997 to 2009. Larry developed the Society’s website and it has been a huge success. You can visit the website at NMGCS.org.

No description would be complete without telling you about my dog(s)! Little Chewy (Chewbacca of Star Wars Fame) was 13 years young when he passed away. He was a Pekingese and thought he was human, could be because he was treated like a human. His picture is shown on this page. He was the center of my attention and I really bonded with that little guy.

The house was empty without Chewy so we adopted a rescue dog. We found Cookie, a Shih Tzu, at a shelter and brought him home. He had been abused, so hard to imagine that anyone could harm a small defenseless animal. My vet believes a male kicked him as he truly hated men and would attack their feet. With love, and many bites for my husband, he became the sweetest animal around. My vet was amazed at the difference in the little guy. Unfortunately he passed away at the age of 12.  Died of heart failure.  He shares this page with Chewy.

My husband and I retired a few years ago and I took my part-time hobby and turned it into a full time job. I work harder now than I ever did when I worked for someone else and the pay is, well, don’t let anyone tell you they make big bucks doing this !! . But I enjoy it and would never go back to working for someone again.

Well that’s me. Thanks for stopping by and hope you find something to "take" home with you. Check back often as we are always adding inventory.

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  Chewy  Cookie Cookie again!